Vino Ljubljana – Golden Award 2015

57th international wine competition – Vino Ljubljana took place in Ljubljana from 29th till 31th May 2015. The expert committee – 40 tasters from 11 countries tasted 358 wine samples from 21 countries. Grande Cuvee 2006 from Santomas received a gold medal. We proudly invite you to try a golden taste of our cellar.

Top scores for Santomas wines from Robert Parker

Robert Parker (erobertparker.com; Wine advocate), the number one wine critic in the world, who’s opinion is very important in world’s wine business tasted Santomas wines and got them great scores.

Santomas wines

The Santomas wines are the fruit of the wine district of Slovenian Istria in the hills of Slovenian coast, extending over 14.300 acres of vineyards. In Santomas wine cellar about 80.000 bottles (0.75 L) of wines are bottled each year. Also about 144 rehoboams are bottled in exceptional years, with the best wine of Santomas wine cellar – Grande cuvée.

Santomas trademark

In a peaceful village Šmarje near Capodistria, in the heart of Slovenian Istria, extend the vineyards and olive orchards of Ludvik Nazarij Glavina. The story of the vintage wines and distinctive Šmarje olive oil, incorporated in Santomas trademark begins at almost 50 acres of vineyards and 7,5 acres of olive orchards.