Santomas olive oil

In the sunny lands of Grintavec in Šmarje, the Santomas olive oil is produced. Istrian Belica (also known as Bianchiera) and leccino olive trees grow in sandy, mostly marl soil with flysch – clay surface. Survinivng the frosts of 1929 and 1985, some of the groves are very old. The larger part of the groves was replanted after 1985, when renewing the plantation.

Olive harvesting is done manually in November. The olives must be then pressed not later than in 36 hours at the temperatures not exceeding 35°C at the modern oil mill. At first, the oil consisting of about 70% of Istrian Belica (also known as Bianchiera) and 30% of leccino, is dim, but eventually clears until spring.

The olive oil is used mostly with salads, cooked vegetables, roasted meat and cheese as well.