Antonius Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Antonius Cabernet Sauvignon 2005


100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Grapes from our vineyard Sergaši fermented together with grape juice at temperatute from 25 and 28°C. Prolonged – 30 day maceration. The wine was then poured into new French barrique oak barrels to mature for the next 24 months. Malolactic fermentation followed. Due to its great structure sulphur additives are minimal.
Deep rubin red, clear (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
The blackberry, raspberry and slight breath of cocoa. Background also aroma on roast meat (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
The wine has a full body; good harmony of alchohol, acidity and mature tannines. A lot of fruit aroma , black pepper, plums and mocha. Long after taste on ginger bread (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
Red meat dishes with supplements (aromatic plants, truffles). Venison, beef, lamb, veal, pork and dark poultry (duck, guinea fowl, goose) with bread dumplings, rolls, baked potatoes, pies, aromatic rice… Smoked meat, aromatic pâté (poultry and others), mouldy cheese, other cheeses (parmiggiano, zbrinc), goat cheese as well as cheeses with herbs, nuts and pepper. Pasta with strong red or cream (cheese) sauces, potatoe pies with meat, ravioli with red meat (prosciutto), aromatic trumes or gorgonzola.


Čerteže (100m above sea level), Sergaši (160m above sea level)

Wine district:
Slovenian Istria

bright, flysch – sandy on rich marl-slate base

Age of vineyard:
12 years (Čerteže), 50 years (Sergaši)

Plantation density:
4.000 plants/Ha

Grape yield:
1 kg/plant

Vine yield:
cca 30 HL/Ha

manual with additional selection at selection table

Vintage time:
October 2005


June 2008

No. of bottles:
3.000 of 0,75 bottles

Alcohol content:
14% vol

Residual sugar:
1,6 g/L

5,5 g/L (wine acidity)


Recommended serving temperature:
Room temperature (18-20°C). Requires decanting.

Aging potential:
15 years and more (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne)