Grande Cuvée Certeze 2006

Grande Cuvée Certeze 2006


100% Refosco

The grapes from our most perspective vineyard fermented together with the juice at the temperatures of 25 to 28°C. After the fermentation, prolonged maceration followed (about 30 days) and the wine was poured into new French barrique oak barrels to mature for the next 24 months. Malolactic fermentation followed. Due to its great structure sulphur additives are minimal. In the final process only the superior barrels were carefully chosen to produce Grande Couvée 2004 – Certeze in so called “barell selection”.

*100 % new barriques; the combination of Seguin Moreau, Muid’Oc (320L) & Seguin Moreau (225L); the combination of medium toasted and untoasted (burgundy barrel)

Deep ruby red of the “dark king” – refosco (re di fosco) (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
A whole basket of fruits (blackcurrant, plum, blackberry, slight breath of peach), chocolate and real espresso coffee (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
The taste is nothing but moving: extreme fullness and perfect harmony of
mature tannines and fruitness. Still fresh, truly silky and velvet at the same time. Mocha and cocoa mix beautifully with blackcurrant, plum and roast meat. It is not even wine anymore, it is the food for the spirit (enolog Claude Gros, Narbonne).
Dishes with strong flavour, based on red
meat, combined with Mediterranean spices. Venison (deer, bear, roe deer, boar), lamb, smoked meat,truffles, cheese and mouldy cheese. Chocolate with high cocoa content (more than 70%).


Čerteže (100m above sea level)

Wine district:
Slovenian Istria

bright, flysch – sandy on rich marl-slate base

Age of vineyard:
10 years

Plantation density:
4.000 vines/Ha

Grape yield:
1 kg/vine

Vine yield:
cca 30 HL/Ha


Vintage time:
October 2006


June 2009

No. of bottles:
5.000 of 0,75 bottles, 30 of 4,5 L (rehoboam) bottles, 155 of
Magnum bottles

Alcohol content:
15% vol

Recommended serving temperature:
Room temperature (18 – 20°C). Decanting reccomended, not required.

Aging potential:
25 years minimum (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne)