Malvazija 2014

Malvazija 2014


100% Istrian Malvazija

Perfect grapes of golden Istrian Malvazija are first macerated for 24 hours at 10°C. The first run is then poured into clean stainless steel cisterns. The wine is fermented at low temperatures. In the second half of fermentation, about 5% of the wine was poured into new French barrique barrels, resting for 9 months on fine lees (sur lie). With regular battonage (sediment consisting mostly of died away yeast), the fullness of taste is achieved, whereas the wooden barrel intensifies the complexity of the smell and taste. In the final process the wine from the barrels and the wine from the tanks is once again combined in the optimal proportion (coupage).
Soft, tender yellow with green undertones indicating freshness (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
A basket of exotic fruits, pineapple, passion fruit, peach. You can smell acacia blossom and a hint of spicy curry. When you shake the glass you feel the aromas of different citruses and a touch of menthol (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
In the mouth a sweet fullness and freshness can be felt. The alcohol and the freshness are well balanced; the wine has complexity and youth. We can feel melons, lemon and a touch of caramella (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
Light Mediterranean dishes. Sea and freshwater fish, arthropods (crawfish, lobsters, crabs) and mollusks (shells, squids, octopuses). Vegetable risottos, various lasagnas (spinach…), fish Carpaccio (tuna fish, sea bass), pasta. White meat (chicken, turkey) with light vegetable sauces (asparagus, zucchini…).


Poljane (280m height above sea level), Izola (30m height above sea level)

Wine district:
Slovenian Istria

bright, flysch – sandy on rich marl-slate base

Age of vineyard:
25 years

Plantation density:
4.000 vines/Ha

Grape yield:
2 kg/vine

Vine yield:
cca 60 HL/Ha

manual with additional berries selection at selection table

Vintage time:
September 2014

yes; prior to bottling

May 2015

No. of bottles:
8.000 of 0,75 bottles

Alcohol content:
12,5% vol

Recommended serving temperature:

Aging potential:
3 years (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne)