Mezzo Forte 2012

Mezzo Forte 2012


60% Refosco, 30% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Santomas Mezzo Forte is a blend based of Refosco (local variety grape), Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon. Wine was aged for 18 months in big barrels from Slavonian oak.
Deep ruby red with blue hints (re di fosco) (enologistClaude Gros, Narbonne).
Very complex nose; mocha and coffee, smell of roasted meat, raspberry, strawberry and scent of juniper berries (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne).
Medium body wine; fresh and elegant with many layers. Very long aftertaste, full of fruit. (enolog Claude Gros, Narbonne).
Mezzo Forte goes well with red meat; from very simple ones (like dark poultry meat, pork or beef) to more aromatic ones (lamb, venison). It is a good companion to dishes with red radicchio Trevisano radicchio trevisiano (risotto, pasta …) or nice to drink with slices of prosciutto, smoked ham or other meat delis.


Dobrave, Izola

Wine district:
Slovenian Istria

bright, flysch – sandy on rich marl-slate base

Age of vineyard:
10 years (Dobrave), 50 years (Izola)

Plantation density:
4.000 vines/Ha

Grape yield:
1-2 kg/vine

Vine yield:
40 HL/Ha

manual, additional selection of berries at the selection table

Vintage time:
October 2012

yes; prior to bottling

October 2014

Alcohol content:
13% vol

Recommended serving temperature:
Room temperature (18-20°C).

Aging potential:
6 years (enologist Claude Gros, Narbonne)