Santomas wines

The Santomas wines are the fruit of the wine district of Slovenian Istria in the hills of Slovenian coast, extending over 14.300 acres of vineyards. In the Santomas estate we are devoted to growing autochthon sorts such as Refosco and Istrian Malvazija. Beautifully matching the local Istrian fish and meat culinary specialties these wines are also the most popular wines in this area.

In Santomas wine cellar about 80.000 bottles (0.75 L) of wines are bottled each year. Also about 144 rehoboams are bottled in exceptional years, with the best wine of Santomas wine cellar – Grande cuvée.

Santomas trademark incorporates two ranges of vintage wines, allowing any wine lover to find the wine of his taste.

Fresh wines

The fresh wines are sold a year after harvesting, without aging in the wooden barrels boasting youthfulnes and freshness. The range of Santomas fresh wines includes Refosco, Cabernet sauvignon, Malvazija and Rose Casmere.

Aged wines

The result of hard work, rigorous selection, love for vines and French know-how are the Santomas vintage red wines. The grapes ripe in the very best land, with the vine yield being extremely small (2-3000 L/Ha). The wines are suitable for aging and are sold a few years after harvesting. Adding new dimension to the richnes of the grapes, these wines mature in French barrique oak barrels. In the Santomas vintage wine range a demanding wine lover will find Refosco Antonius, Cabernet sauvignon Antonius and Grande cuvée.

Since 2000 the wine cellar Santomas has been working closely with the French enologist Claude Gros. His knowledge and counsel have been complied with in the production of the wine, as well as the current wine marketing trends in Slovenia and around the world. The technology has been adjusted to the final objective of the production, differing in production of new wines and the production of vintage wines maturing for two years in the best oak barrique barrels.

The Santomas wines age in a natural way, resulting from integrated production of grapes and wine. In Santomas we are deeply aware of the immense regeneration ability as well as the modesty of one of the the most beautiful creeper in the world – vine plant – Vitis vinfera. Thus only the most essential support is offered, bringing all of its riches every fall. The production of the most quality red wines cabernet sauvignon, merlot and refosco is enabled also by a favourable climate, blending the taste into a unique harmony with unaccented sourness and velvet softness, evolving from a bit higher extracts percentage, beautifully agreeing with alcohol content.